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Bob Wyatt - Charleston and 35th at Naha

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I just got the sad news that Bob Wyatt passed away earlier today. Bob was a navigator at Charleston and went to Naha sometime in 1968 and was assigned to the 35th TAS. He was injured in a motorcycle incident and medically retired. He lived in western South Carolina and was active in Christian ministries, particularly with prisoners. Bob was admitted to the VA hospital in Augusta, GA about a month ago. No one knew he was sick until Joe Tucker finally reached him on his cell phone on Christmas Day. It turned out that he had lymphoma and it was in an advanced stage.

Bob started flying out of Charleston in the early-mid sixties, at least by 1964 because he flew with Ed Kirby, who was on the airplane that went into the water at Qui Nhon in 1965. Bob was active on several of the C-130 Email groups and came to Biloxi for the first (and maybe second) flare mission reunion in 2002. He was in a wheel chair, and had been since his accident.

At this point no arrangements have been announced.

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Attached is an image Bob sent me last year. He was a true hero who will be missed by many.

If you get word on the arrangements, please let me know. I would like to send flowers on behalf of the site members.

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To all,

Robert Jr. has confirmed the schedule for Bob's funeral. The service will be held at McDougald funeral home. here is the link with all info:



January 14- viewing from 6-8PM

January 15- 1PM funeral service

I do not yet know about the internment.

For those who can not attend, please send Robert Jr., Melissa, and Cheryl something to remind them of how we all felt about Bob.



I got the above from Joe Tucker. I believe there is a link on the Obit. page for sending flowers.

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Hi all,

Here is the link to the completed obituary for Bob.



Jim Capps sent out the above link to Bob's obituary. It doesn't say much about his military career, other than that he was a retired USAF Captain. I know he was at Charleston but I don't know which squadron and I don't know if he went to McGuire with the C-130s before he went to Naha or went direct to Naha. He was injured in a motorcycle accident at some point, I think while he was at Naha, and was medically retired. He was wheel-chair bound for the rest of his life but he was still able to get around.

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35th troops at Biloxi at the first Blind Bat reunion. Bob is in the wheelchair. Next to him is a guy named Brown, Larry Lund, me and Bob Bartunek kneeling. Standing behind Bob is Bod DeHass, followed by Bob Kellock, Chet Schrorer and two guys I can't remember their names.

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