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Khe Sahn

Dan Wilson

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Heres a video I found over on archive.org

Its got everything, Marines, Herks (even some ABCCC stuff), 123's and yeah, more Herks and more Marines.

I really disagree with the stupid propaganda statement at the front of the show though, talking about how it proves a ground war can be won from the air:mad: Wow, and here I thought all those marines were busy snuffing gooks but I guess they must have all ground ground service guys eh?

Its posted over on my server, its 26 megs and 15 minutes so I would recommend right clicking the link and selecting "save link as" (firefox) or "save target as" (IE) to download it to your hardrive to watch. However if your stuck in the dark ages of dial up then you may just want to click on the link and watch it in the goofy little quicktime widow it opens in online.

Sorry I tried to hotlink it straight off youtube but its too long.



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Sam, I wasn't downplaying airlifts part in this at all. I totally agree that without the airlift and the sacrifices that were made (some ultimate sacrifices) that Khe Sahn would have been lost.

I was griping about that "a ground war can be won from the air" statement, Air Power allows the war fighter to continue but short of dropping nukes airpower just helps the legs take/defend/occupy the territory.


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