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A Talon retired today at Cannon. 64-0523 c/n [cn]4007[/cn].....I heard it's going to be the gate guard.

I'm not familiar with it, but I heard it was #1 during the Son Tay raid. Heard the pilot of that flight came on and shut the engines down for the last time. There was a big event for it today...a sad but proper farewell.

Any of you "old heads" gpt any stories about her?

CTI A/C 64-0523 Retirement <---paste that into the search bar on Facebook and you can see some photos of the event.

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0523 was stationed at Rhein-Main (7 SOS) while I was there. Worked on her and went TDY on her several times. Spent a week in Athens doing low levels and fighter intercepts.

Was a good flier except couldn't ever pass an FCF for the terrain following radar (TFR). I got pretty good at opening and closing the elephant ears and nose radome

by myself. Although this wasn't hard the radome alignment tools never worked properly and it was just as easy to lay on ones back and use your feet to align the

bottom radome bolt holes.

If she is now retired that only means one thing I am getting that much closer to retirement!

Have a good retirement, it is well deserved!

73, Rex

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