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C-130J Program History


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Series 3.5, 8-bladed props, and EPCS will get you most of the way to J takeoff performance, but without the important safety systems on the J (stick pusher, side-slip warning, ATCS). Series 3.5 won't get all the way down to J fuel consumption. Then again, if you can get to 80% of a J at 20% of the cost, it's worth exploring.

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According to LM from their first inquiry on re-cert. The FAA says ONLY SOFTWARE.

One of the Big Box guys is the customer that came to LM about the aircraft, NOT the other way around. UPS wants the aircraft, not LM wasn't out there trying to sell it.

And no, no one has said how, why, where, they want the aircraft, and I haven't heard aircraft numbers either. But can't see LM going to all this trouble for a couple of planes either.

Pretty much the re-cert, and getting the aircraft to an agreeable price are the hold backs...

And now the other Big Box guy is apparently waiting in the wings on how this all pans out.

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