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Good Morning, Had an interesting few days before Easter weekend. An old load buddy, Mick McGlothlin, and his wife were traveling from S. Fla. Back to S. Dakota. They stopped near Atlanta to have lunch and began talking to a man at the table next to them. As it turns out, his father TSgt. Bob Edmond was an engineer on A models out of Naha. They left on a mission and never returned. He, his two brothers and mom never could find out what happened to him, even after contacting The Pentigon several times. Mick gave me his phone number, and I called him. He gave me as much info as he had. I posted the info here, and Bob Daley responded within hours with what happened. Called his son, Eric, the next morning to describe the mission and what happen. They had left Naha that day to pick up a band at Yakota. About 2000' from the end of the runway the cockpit filled with smoke. The bleet air system failed and caught the hydraulic reservoir on fire. They tried to go around, but lost two engines and had to ditch. This was AC Bod Little's first flight as an AC.

They ditched in an ocean trench off the end of the runway which is 15,000 to 20,000 ft. deep. The plane was not recoverable. This mission was on April 10, 1970. This was the first Easter in 45 years that may have some closure by knowing what happened to her husband and their dad. Bob, thank you for responding so fast. Pat Wylie, 37TAS, Loadmaster, '70 to '74.

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