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    Staying in, doing honey -dos, cleaning out stuff. Good time to do spring cleaning. Can't do much else, can't go to the Air Museum to work. Better days ahead😄
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    Just staying at home. Doing well.
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    Glad to hear you guys are doing well. So far my county in Montana hasn't had any cases, but my wife and I (both elderly)😃, are playing by the rules and getting to know each other! We are painting the whole interior of the house and getting ready for a new floor. I hope this virus is over by gardening season.Usually mid-May. Ken
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    Doing well for now but the craziness is ramping.
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    Doing fine. Faced a lot worse odds a lot more times and survived.
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    Just a short Welcome Home guys. Ken
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    Also a Welcome Home to you Ken! Being a Naha guy it was always fun being with you CCK Guys!
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