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  1. Problem : Hi! I am technician of BAF 61-0962 C-130B aircraft. Presently we are operating in MONUSCO, Dr Congo under United Nations. The weather radar of our aircraft is RDR-1F. I am having a problem with this type of weather radar. The problem is that a permanent noise found right side both the radar indicators(Pilot & Navigator side) all times & antenna one sweep weather available and another sweep weather missing when the aircraft goes in flight. The problem remain same even if we change range. Another problem is that when climbing weather not available both the radar indicators. Rectification : To solve the problem, I have done the following rectification jobs : 1) At first we remove all the sub units of weather radar (such as R/T, control unit & 02x indicators) and cleaned with alcohol. 2) Then we check the wiring of all cables and connections according to manual TM-130B-2-13S-1 and found ok. 3) Then we perform antenna checkout procedure according to manual TM-130B-8S-1 and found normal. On ground operation carried out found everything normal and Test mode all color band ok. But when the aircraft goes in flight problem remain same. 4) Then we change radar R/T. On ground operation carried out found ok but in air problem remain same.
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