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  1. my e-mail is [email protected] fire away with any info. I'll check out the site you mentioned.... thanks,
  2. Hope the photo attached.... Anyway, have a look at this photo. The gentlemen in front is my uncle, Charlie Agar. If you knew him, please pass ANY INFO. He passed away 23 Sept 08, never got a chance to catch up with him and hear his stories, crew chief tales etc. I believe this was a Blind Bat plane, or maybe one of the early Gunships (can't see the back)???? Assuming the tail number is 0647....can't find anything on it. Again if you know ANYTHING about that plane, post it up. I'd love to see what you got, anything at all. Anybody got anything?? Thanks, topbolts
  3. You guys mention Charlie Agar.....he is my uncle. Sorry for being uber-redundant here (i just PM'd both of you guys), but please conatact me at [email protected] Would love to hear form ya's thanks, topbolts
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