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    4 years in A.F., 1963/1967. One of the Pope bunch. Was assistant crew chief on #877 (about a year later was made crew chief on 877) when we opened up Mactan. We were so busy I never did see the beach there. Understand it was a paradise, but was "in country" all the time. roated back to Pope after 6 months, then TDY to Okinawa. Heard rumors of a permenant change of station to "Formosa" , and actually beged to be sent back to Pope to be reassigned to CCK. The rest is history. Except for the part where the 37th at Langley pulled my crew chief status and put me into PM to train. Left the A.F. because of that. But thats old history, and I'm glad to be here now.
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    Former long haul semi driver, now retired.

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