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  1. Hi Col,

    Bob's info is correct. I was at Pope at the time of this mishap. They were on a low level but had some extra time and Capt Reynolds was demonstrating some sort of ridge cresting maneuver used to recover from the vertical stabilizer stall problem. The gist was this was a maneuver supposedly used in the R.A.A.F. and Capt Reynolds was sure that it could be used to recover from vertical stabilizer stalls. They did it successfully the first time but lost it on the second attempt. I have a newspaper article somewhere about it. I also read the cockpit voice recorder after the mishap, but tried my best to forget what I had read.

    Take Care,

    Jerry "fenmonster" Fenwick

    I also served with Jerry as a crew chief and had flown with this crew just days before. We were all devastated and I too for years tried to forget what we read. In any case, it was a maneuver that will hopefully never be performed again...

    George Moraitis

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