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  1. Dale Brownell was a loadmaster flying the Danang-to-Khe Sanh shuttle during Lam Son 719. He took these photos of the C-130 destroyed by a rocket at Danang. You may also be interested in Jim Theis's eyewitness account. See http://vietnamairlift.com/apsheroes.html Enjoy, Alan Baker
  2. A landing in 1971 that was so bad that the flight engineer refused to fly out with the AC... http://vietnamairlift.com/badlanding.html Alan
  3. Thanks, Ray. I'm also looking for info on other tail numbers--please see today's related post in this area for the specific tail numbers. Regards, Alan
  4. Can anyone tell me the full tail numbers for the following CCK birds? If so, I can tell you some places they went. Regards, Alan Tail # 000 500 742 777 786 794 796 797 802 811 812 813 817 819 834 835 840 841 842 844 848 852 855 859 863 864 865
  5. A few more pieces of the puzzle. Thanks, Ron! Alan
  6. Giz, if you know some pilots from that era, please ask them--they are the most likely to have approach plates. Alan
  7. Yeah, me too. I have the TAD--it looks kinda like this: but I need the low altitude approach book--it looks kinda like this: Alan
  8. To put this in context... Two helicopter pilots were lost in bad weather in 1971. The blue-and-white approach book for South Vietnam will show the prescribed turn points, altitudes, obstacles, and flight path for their approach to Quang Tri. Alan
  9. Hi Giz, The yellow/brown one is the Tactical Airdrome Directory--it's for visual flight. The blue and white ones also in the canvas holder on the flight deck are for instrument flight. I'm looking for one of those--the South Vietnam Low Altitude Approach book. Thanks, Alan
  10. Anybody out there know where to find a Vietnam low-altitude approach book--especially approaches for Quang Tri? It could help locate an MIA.
  11. I flew E-models out of CCK in 1970 and 1971. The USAF's individual flight records only give the last 3 digits of the tail number. I checked the tail numbers at http://herkybirds.com/wiki/index.php?title=C-130E and found many I flew, such as 64-0500. But some are unclear. For example, tail number 824 might have been 62-1824, 63-7824, or 64-1824. Can anyone help me resolve these ambiguities in CCK birds? Alan Baker
  12. I still have my copy of Poopoo Make Prant Glow--it's a classic. It was always a challenge dodging buffalo carts on Taichung Lu in my 1970 Mitubishi Colt. Alan http://vietnamairlift.com
  13. I took a naval aviation squadron to Guantanamo in 1969--what a dog and pony show! http://vietnamairlift.com/guantanamo.html Enjoy, Alan
  14. I flew 130's out of CCK in 1970 and 1971. For each in-country shuttle I signed out a survival vest and a .38--here's the form: We kept them in a big aluminum box and rarely took them out, but here's a photo of one time I did: :cool: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/0YsEE6s96YcNDtzhHJj5pw?feat=directlink Alan
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