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    I served proudly with the 62nd Tactical Airlift Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base from 1970 to 1972. I also served with the 2nd Aerial Port Squadron at LRAFB from 1972 to 1974. I was honorably discharged from that TAC base January 22, 1974 as a Sergeant (E-4). I returned home to San Pedro, California at the same time I was discharged. The Squadron Commander during, and at the time of discharge was Colonel Carl E. Stone, a full bird colonel. I personally met and spoke briefly during my tour of duty with General John Dale Ryan, the Air force Chief of Staff at the time while I was serving with the 62 TAS. I knew AIC David Bloomberg, a close friend in my barracks at the same time, and also a
    C-130E loadmaster who was very sadly killed in a crash at the base on November 12, 1971, C-130E number 69-6578 C/N 4353. I would like to share any additional information about this incident as I am putting together a memoir of my tour of the Air force during that time period of my life. I also have a lot of information about what I experienced, and would like to share it with all knowlegeable parties. Thank You..
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