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  1. I arrived on Guam in September of 1969 and was assigned to 56-0522. The crew chief at that time was Michael Capstick. He rotated back to the states around Jan 1970 and due to my rank (Ssgt) I took over as primary crew chief around that time. I crewed her until she rotated to Chicago ANG  in Feb 1971

  2. I was the crew chief on that flight. I only flew one typhoon mission.

    I didn't keep any of my flying records so I had no idea of the date of that flight.  Thanks for filling in the blanks on the date and the mission. Since I was converting my slides to digital, I just assumed that it was either a flight back to Udorn or back to Guam. I should have realized that by the lack of people on board that it was the typhoon mission.

    Glad you saw your picture!

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