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    Stationed at Naha, Okinawa 1967-68. I was in the 41st TAS at Naha. Tech Sargent Robert Lawson was my NCOIC. I was the assistant crew chief on 55-025. The crew chief was Ronald Johnson.Worked on and flew on "A" models entire time.
    One trip to Ubon blind bat. Plane was hit by 37 mm cannon fire. Patched up and flown back to Naha. Spent a lot of time at Cam Rahn Bay TDY. Engine run and taxi qualified. Taxied and ran engines a lot at Cam Rahn. Did high speed taxi checks with instructor pilots. Ran engines and taxied at Naha also.

    Stationed at Pope 1969-70. Worked on E Models while there. Spent a lot of time in England and Germany. Chosen to fly the Air Force Band around Europe once along with two other aircraft. Could not wear military uniforms, had to wear civilian clothes. It seemed real strange.
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    Mechanical Engineer, Quality Control Manager, www.deltascientific.com

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