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  1. Bob,

    A few other questions ...

    I am sure this is, but is always nice to get confirmation from someone who was there.     Correct 36th TAS for 72/73 as well ?

    Also other then the Vietnam/Cambodia airlift, did the deployed crews also fly the wings other missions ? The Klong Hopper, SEA Shuttle ( I think that is what it was call ) in the region. ( Okinawa, Guam, Korea, Taiwan ect ) ..




  2. Larry & Bob,

    Thank you both for the reply's and info !! :) It helps a lot ..    I am working on building a collection of the TAC C-130 that deployed or sent crews to SEA in 1972-73.  Especially interested in early 73 and airlifts into Cambodia and the FOL at U-Tapao..     

    I already have era correct examples from the 37th, 38th, 61st, 772nd, 773rd.   Hoping to find a nice older 40th TAS,  I am pretty sure the sent awads crews to CCK/U-T to support the Easter Bunny force.   Not sure about the other 2 Pope squadrons, the 39th and 41st ..


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