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  1. My name is Mary Barnette. My father was Lt. Col Ben Barnette, navigator of the C-130 that was lost outside of Incirlik AFB, Turkey on March 14, 1980. We were told that it was a lightening strike that took down the plane. We had just moved from Incirlik AFB the summer before to Abilene. I remember there being alot of military unrest in Adana. We lived on the main street of Adana and the brick wall around our apartment complex had been dynamited leaving a large hole in it before we left. There were several military parades on the street with tanks around that time. I would not be surprised if the real story was a missile attack. I hope it was lightening. That is easier to swallow. I just wanted to say that I am forever grateful to all of you who worked in the mud protecting and identifying our loved ones remains. I have visited the memorial at Dyess AFB. It is very nice. Thank you to those of you who created that to honor our fallen. I am told that there is also a memorial plaque at Incirlik that the crews salute every time they enter the building. I am so honored to know that you still take the time to remember my father and his crew. Thank you to all of you who have served. God Bless.
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