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  1. Mary I was stationed at Det 98 Erzurum Turkey. Carl C. Carr was from our Det. I believe you are correct stating it was a missle attack. We were told by our commander Maj. Delumo that a Turkish witness stated that they saw an surface to air missile hit that C130 on that day. We also had routine C130s land at the air field in Erzurum bring supplies. On one day it was pointed out there a bullet hole in the airplane. When I arrived in country Sgt. Mosley was gunned down out in front of our hotel. Lou

  2. My name is Mary Barnette. My father was Lt. Col Ben Barnette, navigator of the C-130 that was lost outside of Incirlik AFB, Turkey on March 14, 1980. We were told that it was a lightening strike that took down the plane. We had just moved from Incirlik AFB the summer before to Abilene. I remember there being alot of military unrest in Adana. We lived on the main street of Adana and the brick wall around our apartment complex had been dynamited leaving a large hole in it before we left. There were several military parades on the street with tanks around that time. I would not be surpri
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