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Kentucky Air National Guard recognized during the arrival of new C-130 aircraft


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Kentucky Air National Guard recognized during the arrival of new C-130 aircrafts

By Crystal Sicard Kentucky

PUBLISHED 4:30 PM ET Nov. 06, 2021

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Kentucky Air National Guard was selected to receive new Hercules aircrafts. Gov. Andy Beshear and Senator Mitch McConnell celebrated the service members for the high recognition Saturday morning.

The Kentucky Air National Guard received the newest version of the Hercules aircraft Saturday morning. Governor Andy Beshear spoke during the event, thanking the guardmembers for their hard work. 

“Today is the day where you get to accept a little bit of validation. Validation that the federal government and others have seen what we already know – that Kentucky's National Guard is the very best in the entire country,” Beshear said.

Kentucky's was selected as one of the four Air Force National Guard branches to receive the newest C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. Beshear said with this new technology, operations will improve and less crew members will be required for flight.

“With these new C-130 J super Hercules models, you'll have more payload, more capacity, more efficient engines and modern equipment. In other words, you can do even more good with every single flight that you take,” Beshear said.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell said the selection process was not easy, but being selected as one of the few states to receive the aircraft, just shows that the Kentucky National Guard has a strong national reputation.

“The competition for these planes was intense, intense. Not only did you have to do your part but I had to try to do my part along with the help of my other colleagues in the delegation. And it is extremely gratifying to see this come together,” McConnell said.

Once the two planes landed they were greeted with water cannons across the runway. Over the next 11 months, the 123rd Airlift Wing will receive a total of eight new models.

The new C-120 J aircrafts will replace eight H-model aircrafts in Louisville. 


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