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Airlift Changes


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Today\'s press release: 118TAW To a Foreign Training Unit using WC-130H\'s, 118TAW H models to Active Duty. 94 AW AFRC at Dobbins from an AETC unit back to AMC Gained trash hauler unit. 107 ARW will become an Associate unit of the 914AW at Niagra Falls flying 914th Herks.

[file name=FW___C_130__Fw__Tactical_airlift_initiatives_further_Air_Force__s_Total_Force_Integration.txt size=3915]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/files/FW___C_130__Fw__Tactical_airlift_initiatives_further_Air_Force__s_Total_Force_Integration.txt[/file]

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