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PROVEN: News from the World of the C-130


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A few highlights:

Celebrating 50 years of Herk operations in Canada

KC-130J Harvest Hawk takes on new role

Ramstein airmen demonstrate flexibility

Lt. Col. Dave Klaus joins Marietta DCMA office as chief of Flight Operations with the C-130J program.

C-130 loadmaster talks with Obama on Thanksgiving


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The March 2011 issue of "PROVEN: News from the World of the C-130" is now available. Coverage includes a couple of MC-130J articles, some Hercules operations in Libya, the first Canadian jumps from a Jay herk, an article on Maj. Timothy Townsend of the 737th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, the STRAY 59 crash, and more.

Link: http://cc-130j.ca/publications-en/

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May 2011 and June 2011 issues of "PROVEN: News from the World of the C-130"

May 2011:

USAF increases quantity of Combat Shadow IIs

From Hueys to Harvest Hawk:Ordnance Marine arms aircraft in Afghanistan

MAFFS certification week gets crews, systems for fire season

Hurlburt hosts Talon I dedication ceremony

Super Herk helps crush airdrop record

Army weapon system a perfect fit for C-130 wing

537th Airlift Squadron flies again after 40 years

Thracian Spring 2011 preserves U.S., Bulgarian partnerships

IAF C-130J full-mission simulator on schedule

Last E-model Hercules leaves Afghanistan, comes home to Trenton

June 2011:


Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin sign fuel efficiency agreement

Héroux-Devtek announces multi-year C-130J contract

GKN Aerospace secures follow-on order for C-130J nacelles

Formation airdrop provides needed supplies, saves lives

C-130s maintain steady ops in Afghanistan

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