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Herk Vet Wiped Out

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I just learned that the home of Steve and Linda Privette was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. Steve was an APG mechanic at Sewart and Naha, where he was in the 41st TAS. He currently works at the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake. Steve and Linda had a home in the little community of San Leone, which is on Galveston Bay off of Texas 146. According to the media, about 40% of the homes there were demolished and theirs was one of them.

Although not a C-130 vet, Frank Godek is a retired C-124,C-141 and C-7 engineer who lives in Bayou Vista, another community located on on the body that connects the Gulf with Galveston Bay on the north side of Galveston Island. I talked to Frank yesterday and learned that while his home is repairable, he got a lot of damage. He said he intended to ride the storm out like he did when Rita came through in 2005 but that when he got up Friday morning and saw water everywhere he decided it was time to pick up and get out while he still could.

There\'s a former C-130 pilot named Nagy that I met when he came to the last Galveston troop carrier/tactical airlift reunion who lives on the Island but I haven\'t a clue as to how he fared. Ted Applebaum lives on Clear Lake, but the damage there wasn\'t as bad as in other places.

IKE was BAD MF and a lot of people have lost a lot from it.

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