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Today is Saturday, November 22. Monday, November 24, is the 44th anniversary of the greatest C-130 mission ever flown. There is a page about it on my web site at www.sammcgowan.com/dragon.html but if you want to read an indepth account of the mission, go to http://www-cgsc.army.mil/carl/resources/csi/odom/odom.asp#map7. There are a few discrepancies in the article. For one thing, it doesn\'t mention the 778th TCS although most of the crews involved were from it. It also gives the impression tht Col. Burgess Gradwell of 322nd Air Division was flying the lead airplane. Actually, he was the mission commander and was riding in the lead, but Capt. Warren \"Huey\" Long was the AC and Gradwell was probably riding behind him on the bunk. The article doesn\'t mention the names of the crews but in addition to Huey Long, some of them were Jim Ostrem (who is a member of the TCTAA), B.J. Nunnally, Major Tomlinson, Captain Gonzales and Mack Secord that I can think off of the top of my head. John Coble was Huey\'s navigator. He later went to UPT and became a C-130 pilot. He was with Lockheed for a number of years after he retired.

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