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White C-130A? Sitting in OGMA for 11 years


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I've seen it laying in the apron for lots of time. The story i know is that it belongs to a private owner and used to belong to the USAF. Its suposed to inform the USAF everytime that it changed owner (in order to prevent shady ops i assume) and they did not. It came to OGMA for a major overhaul and a FAA inspector saw it there at the time. He contacted the proper authorities just for the curiosity and since then it was forbidden to fly (how?) and the owner just didn't pay for the services. Its been sitting there since... I don't know the serial but i can find out...


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I found it... It says here that its in France but its not. This picture was taken in OGMA in the very same spot where its been lying for 11 years already since its last D check in '98. Anyone know the real story behind this herc?



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That is 3095 56-0487

It has been around. in 1989 it ended up in the hands of Roy Reagan of the USFS A model fire bomber scam fame as N6585H . Then to T&G Aviation now called IAR as N120TG. Leased by Aeropostal in Mexico as XA-RYZ. Then Pacific Harbor Capital as N487UN. Then to Heavylift International. It finally made it to Zambia where it was operated by Shabair as 9J-AFV and was bought by Chani Enterprises a mining company. The aircraft has no FAA certificate for hauling passengers and cargo and was grounded at OGMA where it came for Maintenance in 1999 as 9J-BTM

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