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A man went to the hospital for a vasectomy.

Before the procedure was to take place, a nurse came in to check his vitals.

Then she asked him to take his clothes off.

When he had undressed, she instructed him to lie down on the table.

Then the nurse took off her clothes, climbed on top of him and had her way with him.

Afterwards, the startled man tried to catch his breath and then he asked her what that was all about.

She explained that studies have shown that, before a vasectomy, if the man ejaculates, he will be more relaxed and procedure becomes easier for the surgeon.

Then the nurse wheeled the man over to the operating room. While they were traveling down the hall, he observed a man in the act of masturbating. Quite curious, the man could not resist asking the nurse, "What's he doing?"

The nurse replied, "Well, he's getting a vasectomy too, but you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and he has Obamacare!"

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