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Tradtions Military Video has been around for awhile at www.militaryvideo.com. I just took a look at their site and see that they have added quite a few new films, all of which were shot by military photographers from World War II and on (possibly some from the 1930s.) There are a number that are C-130 related, including footage in Vietnam. One DVD is devoted to films of the Fulton Recovery System. I've bought a few from them over the years. They've very interesting and some bring back a lot of memories.

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Wow! I just looked at the footage that they have from the C-130 in Vietnam DVD. It shows a B-model from the 463rd (flown by a 772nd crew) that landed gear up at Cam Ranh Bay in 1969 or early 1970. It just so happens that I was an eyewitness. I was up on Herky Hill when we got word that an airplane on a passenger run was having gear problems and they were out burning off fuel in preparation for a gear-up landing. A bunch of us jumped on the shuttle bus and went down to Det 2 to watch them come in. It was neat! They came in, landed and passengers started streaming out of the troop doors. I heard that maintenance got the gear down and a crew flew it back to Clark the next day.

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