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Commando Scarf

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The Project CHECO "SEA Glossary" lists Commando Scarf as a "C-130 munitions drop in Cambodia (Special Mission)" Anyone know anything about this?

FYI: Most, if not all the Project CHECO reports and most of the USAF History Office books on Vietnam can be downloaded (FREE!) from the DTIC website (http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/search/tr/tr.html)


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COMMANDO SCARF was a special mission dropping tiny explosives called "gravel" on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the spring/summer of 1969. Craig Clifton was the engineer on one of the crews and my buddy Brock Chapman was the loadmaster. The purpose of the "gravel" was to create a sound that would be picked up by sensors that were part of the MacNamara Fence. Originally, they were dropped by F-4s but it cost too much so they decided to use C-130s to do it. I'm not sure how many airplanes were involved. I know some B-model crews from Clark went to Udorn for about a month but I've heard that A-model crews did the same thing. However, the person who told me about the A-models left Naha in 1967 so i'm not certain if it was the same mission. Clifton tells me they called them "Dempsey Dumpster" missions because the general in charge of the project was named Dempsey.

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