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    Former OV-10/F-4D/E/G/E-8A/F-16CB30/B50 pilot (had a hard time keeping a job). Now "hauling rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong." Rode some in the mighty Herk, never got to fly her. My Dad, however was on the design team at Marietta.
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  1. I believe the 43rd airplanes at Incirlik were Block 20s, were they a mix? Also a mix for the 41st at KKMC?
  2. Another anybody know: The Clean Sweep Low Band Transmit antenna, (without the tripod) was this introduced on the Block 30 or did some Block 20s get it, too?
  3. Anybody know when the Block 30s were introduced? Anybody know what Block number airplanes the 41st had in Saudi for Desert Storm? Thanks! Dave
  4. In a way you did; here's what was posted: Many of the APN-59s are being replaced with the APN-241, a Northrop Grumman low power color weather radar (LPCR). There is a TCTO, but I don't recall the number just offhand. John Doesn't entirely address whether any APN-161s were ever installed and if so, starting when. Did the APN-161 get "thrown under the bus" in favor of the APN-241?
  5. Thanks! REALLY appreciate the info. Actually I've got several TOs that cover it, but none refer to it as H.A. Corporate memory...a good thing! Dave
  6. Think you scared him off!
  7. Another CHECO SEA Glossary question: Here's the entry: HAVE AUGER (S/NF) Highly classified electro-optical sensor installed on SURPRISE PACKAGE aircraft. Anybody know what this was?
  8. That WILL ruin your whole day! Surprised aircraft was recoverable, did door come off?
  9. So you measured from the center, out? Dave
  10. OK, Loadmasters, stupid pilot question about the treadways. Keep in mind memory has served too many times as a beer filter, reducing capacity, but don't remember treadways being marked on floor. If load looked like it wouldn't fall on treadways, did you measure them (If so, from where) or just throw shoring down? Dave
  11. Skip, Didn't the (S) stand for "Swap" rather than "Swamp" or is this another SOF inside joke? Dave
  12. Tried this on the historical forum and wasn't deluged with answers, hoping for more here: Did the Air Force replace the APN-59 with the APN-161? If so when and on starting with which CN? Thanks, dave
  13. The Project CHECO "SEA Glossary" lists Commando Scarf as a "C-130 munitions drop in Cambodia (Special Mission)" Anyone know anything about this? FYI: Most, if not all the Project CHECO reports and most of the USAF History Office books on Vietnam can be downloaded (FREE!) from the DTIC website (http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/search/tr/tr.html) dave
  14. Thanks for the info. Know when they sealed them?
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