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  1. About one squar inch over heat at bottom place of center windshield and top place of copitot windshield of c-130B a/c. The heat feel only outer glass not inside glass. Other place of that glass feel normal heat .over heat portion turned into light chocolate colour. We done volt check found 298 & 304 . Replace control box and transformer no action. Already ck windshield is conect to right place of transformer. Can any body help me pl with his good reply.
  2. Can any body sent me the data of eng modle(T56-A-16p).pl
  3. rsd653


    What is ncu of c-130 ac? How it is work.who can brifly discase about ncu pl.
  4. Take off tit low of T56-A-7B Eng.in nul tit ok. We already change TD AMPS.clalibared with td tester.rpm,torque ok.throttle moment ok ,cordinator new.fuel flow is high 100pph than other eng,where tit should more than other eng, BUT tit still low.can anybody help me pl.
  5. Starting tit high more than 850'c of T56-A-7b Eng, ie, we can't go upto 60%rpm just 40%rpm we get 850'c tit and its not cut back tit will go up and up . We already chanch TD valve adjust Fcu,TD AMPS clalibared, blade angle ck its ok. thermocopple and harnes chanch, bleed valve ck its ok. Fuel nozzle chanch,try to start the eng in null position but problem is same. Can anybody help me quickly pl. After fcu change tit was 850 i e more than 20 above from normal rating. "Thanks to all we just over come the problem.
  6. During starting of GTC yellow light is coming but not start. I hear the sound of starter rotating. Oil is not coming to the pressure line but come into the inlet of oil pump from tank. change oil pump still no oil come into the pressure line. Oil shut off valve and wiring ok. Any body can help me please.
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