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Col. Bill Coleman

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Thanks to Tom Stalvey, we just learned that Col. Bill Coleman, who was F-Troop commander and then DCO of the 463rd wing at Clark passed away in May and is to be buried at Arlington on September 30 at 0900. Col. Coleman came to Clark out of SAC at Barksdale and commanded the 29th until the spring of 1969 when he made full colonel and went to wing as DCO. He was AC on an airplane that was shot up over A Loi during the first day of drops just before Maj. Bucher's crew was shot down. Stalvey was his loadmaster and Al Clime was his engineer that day. Col. Coleman was a good guy. He kept quite a few guys out of jail. Other F Troop vets had told me that he died a long time ago but it turns out he was still living until a few months ago.

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