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C-130A 56-0502


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What happened to C-130A 56-0502?

From 3 different sources I have found 3 different stories.

1st is from Lars Olausson’ s book which say it Crashed on take-off from Chu Lai, South Vietnam on 8 Dec 1965. Then I have a source that say it Crash landed in bad weather at An Khe, South Vietnam on 8 Dec 1965 and last one I have says it was shot down near An Khe, South Vietnam. So does any one know for sure just what just did happened to this aircraft?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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The information that I have is that it was lost at Chu Lai. It was not shot down. It was shown as an operational loss, not a combat loss. Bowers refers to a C-130 pilot who attempted to take off at Chu Lai with a known engine problem. He says that two passengers died in the fire that resulted after the airplane went off of the runway due to loss of directional control.

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