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  1. According to the FAA Registry there are only 9 C-130a's registered in the US.
  2. But it does not belong to the Government. Please not the following, Massive Overhaul to Keep Classic Air Force C-130 Flying for 80 years into 2030s
  3. I would like to see them. But none are in th use of the USAF, USN, USMC, USA od THE USCG.
  4. Massive Overhaul to Keep Classic Air Force C-130 Flying for 80 years into 2030s For this to be a fact theUSAF would have to be flying C-130A models and thay are all gone now.
  5. before we used them on the A-models in 317th TAW prior to 1961 and on.
  6. You did if you were in the 317th TCW. They were put on for different missions, all over Europe and the Middle East.
  7. Floor winch Used to load the aircraft.
  8. These are the pictures that I have of 56-0512.
  9. It is registered to JJS&D LLC who the hell they are.
  10. Tom Thanks for showing this to us, I am saving it. I was in the 317th in France and at Lockbourne, I crewed 56-0523 an 53-3134 before I move on up.
  11. Post it here, I would like to see it.
  12. Dutch

    Tail flash

    Could it be the 118th AS this is their patch. It seems to be the little man. But just a guess on my part.
  13. Guy's and Gal's I need a drawing of the top of a C-130 showing the walkways and the life rafts. Send them direct to me at [email protected] I thank you in advance.
  14. This is nice but what is it and what was it for???
  15. Bob, where is this inventory at. I would like to see it.
  16. This is not quite right. I was in the 317th TAW at Lockbourne AFB, OH up through 1969 when I went Guam. At the time I left there was one aircraft undergoing the mod from three bladed props to four blades. It was in the Jumbo hanger. Don't remember the tail number I went thru It one day while my aircraft 53-3134 was in phase inspection. And it sure was tore up, Props off, Sta 245 and barrels of sand in the fwd part of the cargo compartment.
  17. I have had 3 pictures done by Casey and all of them are just great. 53-3134 56-0523 61-2360
  18. Snopes says this is false, but it is a good story. http://www.snopes.com/humor/jokes/ford.asp
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