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    my '55 Chevy, my '85 Monte Carlo SS & my '83 Chevy pick up truck


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    1963 - Tech School, Amarillo AFB, TX (B-47)
    1963 - 1965 C-130B 4th wiper, Langley AFB, VA
    1965 - 1967 C-130B crew chief, Clark AB, PI
    1967 - 1967 discharged; worked for Eastern Airlines on Connies & Electras in Boston
    1967 - reenlisted in USAF (got out as an E-4 A/1C; back in as an E-4 Sgt!)
    1967 - 1970 C-118A flt mech, Rhein Main AB, West Germany
    1970 - 1971 T-29 flt mech/B-52H crew chief, KI Sawyer AFB, MI
    1971 - 1972 C-141A crew chief/Transient Alert, Norton AFB, CA
    1972 - 1973 HC-130P crew chief/QC, Korat RTAFB, Thailand
    1974 - 1977 C-130E crew chief/C-130E/H FE, Dyess AFB, TX
    1977 - 1983 C-130E FEFE, Rhein Main AB, West Germany
    1983 - 1985 C-130H FEFE, Dyess AFB, TX (retired 12/85)
    1985 - 1986 L-100 PFE, St. Lucia Airways (Sudan, Central America)
    1986 - 1986 L-188 PFE, Galaxy Airlines (very short time; it sucked - the company, not the airplane)
    1986 - 1988 L-100 PFE, St. Lucia Airways (Sudan, Zaire, Angola)
    1988 - 1988 L-100 PFE, Tepper Aviation (very short time; it sucked - again, the company, not the airplane)
    1989 - 1991 L-100 PFE, Transafrik (Angola)
    1991 - 1992 L-100 PFE, Frameair (Angola, Namibia)
    1992 - 1995 L-100/727 PFE, Transafrik (Angola, Cambodia, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda)
    1996 - 2003 DC-10-30F PFE, Gemini Air Cargo (retired again 8/03)
    Total time: 24,700+ hours
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    Valrico, FL
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    Retired PFE

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  1. DC10FE


    According to Lars' book, it was originally assigned to the West Virginia ANG. I never heard of it being haunted, but I've been out of the loop for quite a while, having retired in 1985. Don R.
  2. A pilot friend of mine told me the airplane was a Delta 757-300. They have overwing slides stored in compartments outside the pressurized fuselage that deploy for egress down the wing's trailing edge. Don R.
  3. Every airplane I've ever been on, as a passenger or crew member had the slides on the inside of the doors. An evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in man's yard | CNN Travel
  4. I stole this photo from another group. Don R.
  5. I believe that is N119TG (msn 3227). The last I had heard, it was parked at Coolidge, AZ with no wings. That was back in 2011 according to Lars' book. Don R.
  6. Gomer Pyle (loadmaster) passed away earlier this month in Niceville, FL. He was 78 years old. I knew him from our days in the 463rd TCW in the mid-1960's at Clark AB. I flew with him again from the late 1990's to mid-2003 on the DC-10 at Gemini Air Cargo. RIP. my good friend. Don R.
  7. I just finished reading The Peacemakers by Richard Herman. Besides the outrageous story line (it is a novel), it was nice to read about the C-130 by someone who has a working knowledge of the airplane. I did find a few mistakes, but I'm a flight engineer. The author must have been a navigator because he never calls a map a map. It's always a chart. Don R.
  8. If you want some photos, got to "Gallery," select "Bob Daley's Production Number Gallery and go to page 11 and scroll down to 3942. There, you will find 9 photos of 63-7872. Don R.
  9. Does anyone know if this is this a FY 2018 airplane, as in 18-5863? Thanks in advance. Don R.
  10. Larry, you're thinking of Johnny's, just past the railroad tracks on the right. I just about lived at that place during my first assignment there (1967 -- 1970). He was Austrian and had a girlfriend named Liz, I think. About a quarter mile past that was a restaurant that served the best jager schnitzel. You were on the A-models there, right? It's a long shot, but did you ever know an FE in your unit named William (Bill) Cord? On my second assignment there (1977 -- 1983), he was our first sergeant in the 37th TAS. Don R.
  11. Hi Jim, Mitteldick's sounds very familiar, but like you said. I doubt if that's the name. I think it was in Zepplinheim. Have you checked out the air base on Google Earth? The only familiar sights are the hotel and the star-shaped buildings where the mail room used to be. Even the building where the American Legion used to be in Waldorf is an empty field now! Have fun and get some pictures. Don R.
  12. Yes, it was an interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad he didn't publish the location. As usual, I found some mistakes in it. For one, there are/were no fighters based at Mildenhall. I've read that the fighters scrambled were from Lakenheath. Don R.
  13. OK, In my opinion, you've both beat up this subject enough. Just let it go; it's getting pretty old now. Merry Christmas, Don R.
  14. You might be able to if the locking mechanism on the military version window lines up with the commercial version locking device on the window frame. Don R.
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