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  1. Does anyone knows the current status of the Transafrik Hercules fleet?
  2. RIP N134CG Crew... https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/5/33451_1559458523.jpg
  3. Already noticed it @Spanner tanks :) Any clue about the other Safair Hercules? And what about the Transafrik ones?
  4. Hi, I can see in several sources in the internet that ZS-JIZ is now N409LC. Was it sold from Safair to Lynden Air Cargo?
  5. Hi, It seems that N406LC (ex: P2-LAC) is now P4-LAC. That's right, at least the site is now closed as well..
  6. Hello, Could some one help me to confirm the current Lynden Air Cargo fleet? 4606 N401LC 4698 N402LC 4590 N403LC 4763 N404LC (WFU) Why WFU? 5025 N405LC (Leased to Coulson Air Tanker) 4676 N406LC (Temp P2-LAC) 5225 N407LC (Temp P4-LAE) Why using P4 registration? 4600 N408LC (Temp P4-LAS) Why using P4 registration? If someone can answer the questions that would be perfect! Any help will be more than welcome! Regards, Diogo
  7. Hello All, Any of you could give me clues on how an frozen ATPL European pilot could become an Hercules pilot on a civil airline? Advice's and experiences are welcome. Regards, Diogo
  8. Any chance to see the HOC PDF-Presentations?
  9. Hello, Thanks for the big help in the list! Regards, Diogo
  10. Hello Bob, Thanks a lot for your list! When you say Saudia is Saudi Arabian Airlines or Saudi AF? And do you know if Air Contractors have one operating in europe (Safair)? Regards, Diogo
  11. Hello Don, Thank you very much! List updated, let's wait to see if we have some more inputs in this list! Regards, Diogo
  12. Hello all, Being an enthusiast for C130's i would like to know if it's possible for you to help me with a small list of the last L100's currently flying in 2015. I know some operators, could you help me to update the info? Serial No. Current Registry Operator Observations 4886 7T-VHL Air Algeria4673 EI-JIV Air Contractors5022 ET-AJK Ethiopan Airlines5306 ET-AKG Ethiopan Airlines4600 C-GUSI First Air (Sold to Lynden Air Cargo in 2015?)4799 C-GHPW First Air (Sold for parts?)4798 5A-DJQ Libyan Arab Air Cargo4992 5A-DOM Libyan Arab Air Cargo (Flying for Libyan Air Force?)5000 5A-DOO Libyan Arab Air Cargo (Stored/ Withdraw from use 2007 ?)5225 P2-LAE Lynden Air Cargo (Ex: N407LC)5025 N405LC Lynden Air Cargo (Sold to Coulson aviation?)4698 P2-LAD Lynden Air Cargo (Ex: N402LC)4676 P2-LAC Lynden Air Cargo (Ex: N406LC)4606 N401LC Lynden Air Cargo4590 N403LC Lynden Air Cargo4763 N404LC Lynden Air Cargo (Stored in Kingman Airfield, Arizona 2014)4695 ZS-JIZ Safair4475 ZS-RSC Safair4562 ZS-RSF Safair4565 ZS-RSG Safair4248 ZS-ORB Safair4385 5X-TUE Transafrik 4299 5X-TUD Transafrik 4383 5X-TUF Transafrik4300 5X-TUB Transafrik 4301 5X-TUA Transafrik4610 5X-UCF Uganda Air Cargo4388 ZS-ORC Uganda Air Cargo 4582 N2731G Tepper Aviation4796 N2679C Tepper Aviation5027 N3796B Tepper Aviation4684 N3867X Tepper Aviation5032 N3755P Prescott Support (Is there any other L100 operating for them?) 3119 N121TG International Air Response3219 N118TG International Air Response3018 N117TG International Air Response4901 N130FF Coulson Aviation4127 NASA4131 NASA5104 NASANational Airlines have some L100's to? Any help appreciated! Regards, Diogo
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