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    I entered the Air Force in April, 1963 and Retired as a Master Sargent in September, 1986.
    I spent 15 years in aircraft maintenance, ie, 12 years on C-130-B,E,H,P, & N, 1 year on C-133, and 2 years on C-5A's, with an additional 8 years as a Missile Systems Analyst on Minute Man III's.
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    Retired after 23 years active duty and 17 years at the University of North Dakota

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  1. Back in the mid 1960's while stationed at Sewart AFB I remember reading a article in the Safety Magazine about a Crew Chief in the Azors who was trying to get some sticky tar off the bottom of the fuselage so he sprayed JP-4 on the fuselage using a low pressure air compressor. The next thing he knew the aircraft had caught on fire and was severely damaged. A couple of months later returning from a TDY to Mildenhall AB, Eng, I passed through Lages AB, Azores, and happened to see that same aircraft resting on cradles in a hanger. The fuselage was severely damaged, the aluminum was melted on the bottom of the fuselage and the landing gears were damaged. Do you know if they ever repaired that aircraft and returned it to service ?
  2. Ken In 1965 when we first arrived at CCK they did not have any barracks built yet and we stayed in tents for a short period. We were sent TDY to Tachikawa Japan for 90 days and our birds flew their missions from there then finally we were returned to CCK and they had a few barracks for us. Bill
  3. I was stationed at both CCK and Sewart AFB, Ten, that have since been closed.
  4. As a Primary Chrew Chief from mid 1969 thru mid 1970 I spent fifteen to twenty five days a month at Cam Rhan from Clark. We always lived on Herky Hill, at least working ten hours o and ten off seven days a week and walking back and forth from the parking ramp, what little time off we had we spent on the Hill !!!
  5. Howdy !! Got to McGuire in 1963 and was assigned to the 1613 OMS but we didn't have any airplanes yet. For six months we spent eight hours a day in a nose dock reading Tech Orders (boy talk about exciting) anyway after a year of that joke I transferred to FMS, paint stripping C-118's that were being replaced by C-135's. Left McGuire in 1965 for a year in CCK.
  6. Question for some of you old farts, like me !! Do any of you remember a cartoon picture of a Viet Nam era C-130 all banged up with bandaids on the fuselage, a flat tire, a crutch under one wing, a tong hanging from under the radome, etc and a caption that said something like "Fly the Friendly Skies of Viet Nam Airlines" ??? I've been trying to find this picture so I can have it put on the back of my flight jacket. I would appreciate any help. let me know at [email protected]
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