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    314 oms D section Sewart AFD Tenn. Sept.63-June 65.
    315 oms D section & 21 TCS Naha AFB June 65-Nov 66.
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    Laurens, Sc.

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  1. Happy New Year from me also.
  2. High wends blowing trees down on power lines. Wend gust were at 85 mph in the early morning starting the fires. Please pray for these people.
  3. From Naha in 65-66 when I went in country as c/c I had orders to go for 21 days with variations as necessary. We had a shuttle from TSN to Bangcok with stops at other bases in VN and Thailand. Sometimes we would stay longer and sometimes we would be too broken down to last a week. Before leaving I went to Bangcok in a maint. detachment that serviced all C-130,s in SEA. I was there when I got orders to go back to Naha to process out. That was 50 years ago Nov 8 1966. I got out Nov 18 1966. There was about 25 of us from different bases.
  4. If this picture works you will see a couple of planes with colored tails and front areas. This is a picture of the Sewart ramp in the early 60,s.
  5. I was told a long time ago the color was "International Orange" And that it was used in the Artic. I have seen pictures of some "A" models at Sewart in the 60's with the red. Don't know if I'm remembering or imigening it. I been our 50 years in November.
  6. I was at Sewart when all the sealing took place. We may have crossed paths there.
  7. What was MIL-7808? I think we used that in the 60,s but not sure.
  8. Did he say which gearbox, or just any?
  9. Happy birthday Snowday.
  10. donwon

    Sonny's Funnies

    I can say the same, Thanks I get some good laughs.
  11. With all these places losing Herks, where are they going? Will it be like socks in the dryer?
  12. The 3 bladed prop was still in use when I got out in Nov of 66.
  13. Been doing more looking. This don't say the Vid can't be posted so if it ain't suppose to be, take it down. I think runway 12 was at Sewart. Enjoy!! I did.
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