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  1. Hi everyone. I am trying to repaint some textures for Flight Simulator C-130s that were in Southeast Asia before the camouflage era. Did the TDY TAC airplanes that were natural metal with the wide bright red areas ever fly in SEA? Any photos taken in the RVN or Thailand would sure be appreciated as well. Thanks, Mike D.
  2. Can anyone provide any more info on a history project. 69-6572 was the first Pave Aegis bird at Ubon, 69-6571 the 2nd after 572 was damaged by AAA, then after its being lost, a replacement gun system was installed on 69-6570 and flown at Ubon on 31 march 1972. Was the gun installed on any further AC-130Es before the birds moved to Korat in 1974, and then deployed CONUS at the end of 1975? Any timeframes and specific serials that anyone can confirm would be greatly appreciated. Also was there any visible external change after their redesignation as an AC-130H? Thanks, Mike D.
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