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    United States Air Force
    Staff Sergeant - Jet Engine Mechanic
    May 1968 - May 1972
    374th FMS Naha AB C-130A T-56 engine conditioning
    TDY with Det 1 834th ADIV TSN
    438th FMS McGuire C-141A TF33P-7
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  1. What early C-130 systems had vacuum tubes?
  2. “Some predict that the C-130 will continue to operate well into the 21st century…”
  3. Naha FB group, I just found this a couple of weeks ago. For those of us who were stationed at Naha AB you may want to check this out and consider joining the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/73013675579 Bob Podboy 374th Jet MX
  4. Dennis, I was at Naha with the 374th FMS 69 / 70, 43250, worked C130A's across the runway, easy area, engine conditioning. TDY’s to Vietnam always had orders cut showing who was coming and who was going. (See example) If you remember someone you went with maybe you can look them up and ask if they have a copy of the orders. With the copy of orders… VA accepted boots on the ground and my DD-214 was updated to show Vietnam Service medal.
  5. Sam, I should have said … I was assigned to the 374th FMS and was not directly assigned to the 374th TAW. The 374th FMS did not share in the AFOUA award with the 374thTAW while I was assigned to the unit. Bob
  6. Not sure about TAW, but for FMS at Naha: The 374th FMS received the PUC for the inclusive period of 8 Aug 1967 to 7 Aug 1968. The 374th FMS was not directly assigned to the 374th TAW and did not share the AFOUA. Hopefully, by now, there is a new batch of ‘attendants’ at New Cindy. Bob
  7. Some folks really like Hercules.
  8. But Captain Higgens is looking great…
  9. a film by Alan Stinar https://youtu.be/XSLdee58tLA
  10. Kit Up.... post-production enhancement C-130 MICROVANES® Lockheed Martin has conducted extensive studies to reduce C-130 fuel consumption. Microvanes have proven to be the most cost effective improvement, as they are low cost to manufacture and procure, easy to install and provide significant fuel savings of more than 3 percent on average. The C-130’s at cargo ramp and door give it an exceptional airdrop capability. However, this same feature creates a significant amount of drag due to the abrupt change in air flow from the sides to the ramp/ door. Drag and fuel usage are directly related. Lockheed Martin teams performed fluid dynamics studies and identified Microvanes as the best solution to minimize drag on the C-130 aircraft . Microvanes are small devices, approximately a foot long and an inch and a half tall. They are installed in sets of 20 on the body of the C-130, with 10 vanes per side and reduce drag by modifying the air flow and thereby increasing fuel savings. Flight testing has been conducted to verify Microvanes reduce fuel burn as predicted in operational scenarios and have no adverse impact on airdrop operations from the ramp or paratroop door. Microvane Kit: Microvanes installed on can be completed in one day with an attachment adhesive and a specialized tool for location. The installation tool can be re-used for subsequent installations. Microvanes can be added and removed without permanent alteration to both legacy and J model aircraft.
  11. My VFW posts web site www.vfw9678.org now has link to c-130hercules.net How cool is that? LOL
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