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Three Bones


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Standing on the dock, Patrick bade farewell to his son,

who was sailing away to the new world to seek his fortune.

“Michael, my boy,†he admonished, “remember the three bones

and ye’ll get ahead all right.â€

When the young man had departed, a stranger who had overheard

the remark asked Patrick to explain what he meant by the three bones.

“Sure now,†replied the canny Irishman, “and wouldn’t that be the

wishbone, the jawbone and the backbone? It’s the wishbone that

keeps you wanting the good things of life, and it’s the jawbone that

helps you to find out how to go after them, if you’re not too proud to

ask questions, and it’s the backbone that keeps you everlastingly at it

till you get ‘em!â€

* * * *


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