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Crew Chief Dream

Vulcan Special

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The below poem was published in USAFA's "CHECKPOINTS" alumni magazine, March, 2012 edition. It is a true story about a father and son. Hope everyone likes it.

Crew Chief Dream

Done with the Air Force I would be.

Back from "Nam" in sixty nine, my active duty complete.

But what might lie ahead for me?

Just a kid, I crewed a Herc for the 374th. An "A" model to be exact.

Her name was 55-007 as I recall, but now, just a memory for us all.

Now business, school, a ski mountain in Vermont. What more could a single guy want?

Next, marriage and a family you see, "truely blessed" my friends would say to me.

Then a son arrived, handsome,curious, and smart.

"A meel" he would yell as he pointed to the sky, his little word for airplanes that flew by.

I'd talk about my mighty Herc and all that she could do. His dark little eyes wide with interest.

But never a word I knew.

"Dad's Herc always brought him home at the end of the day", I would say.

Perhaps you might fly in one someday?

Was it the tails of my powerful Herc to this little boy with eyes so dark that lit the spark in his heart?

But never a word I knew.

Private school, orthadenture, skiing and CAP. Better grades and hard work is where it's at.

Then one day a letter came, "Congratulations" it said.

"But Dad, what should I do?" "Son, you can not go wrong with the Silver and Blue".

It was a good day.

Four years went by in a flash- how our lives had changed.

As the jets thundered by we all learned what makes service caps fly!

Our handsome Firsty Cadet smiled bright. A proud young officer that night.

Was it the tails of my nobel Herc that flew FAC at night over that dangerous trail that lit the fire in his heart?

But never a word I knew.

Now here I am standing tall, numb with pride. Silver wings in my hand say my handsome young Lieutenant will fly.

A joyous day for those in blue - tradition, respect, dignity through and through.

Yes, it all comes clear to me. A Hercules pilot he will be.

God and the Hercs knew my destiny.

Hercs got me home so a father I could be, to tell the stories now just a memory.

Not in my wildest dreams could this come true. The fortunes of life can puzzel you.

His orders say the 374th. Can this be true ?

Done with the Air Force I would be?

I had no clue, what the Air Force had in store for me.

Vulcan Special

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