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Young Pallbearers


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The husband was 50 and his wife around 45 when he became critically ill. He died a few weeks later and his body was taken to a neighborhood funeral home along with the list of pallbearers the widow wanted.

The funeral director looked at the list and said, “I knew your husband very well. He had a lot of friends about his age and I feel sure he would have liked to have some of them carry his casket. All the names on this list are young men in their twenties.

“I know,†the widow said. “I am aware of all this but I must start thinking of myself. I expect to get married again and I don’t want to waste any time looking over the crop of eligible men.â€

A few days after the funeral the director had reason to revisit the cemetery. He noticed someone digging on the grave of her deceased husband. It was the widow. She explained:

“George realized I would probably marry again but he told me just before he died he’d like for me to wait at least until the grass started growing on his grave. I promised and I’ll live up to my promise. I’m sodding it.â€

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