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The Turkey's Lament


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The Turkey’s Lament

I wonder what I can have done

To merit all this trouble—

Shut up where I can have no fun

And bent until I’m double!

This morning all the folks rushed out

And chased me over fences

And here and there and round about

Until I lost my senses.

I ran toward the farmer’s wife

And thought she would befriend me,

But even she—upon my life—

Did nothing to defend me!

Instead, she grabbed me by a foot

With no consideration,

And in this prison I was put

Without an explanation.

The farmer’s sharpening an axe;

The children talk of “dressing.â€

Oh, my, I wish I knew the facts!

These rumors are depressing!

But all the future I can see

Looks very, very murky,

Just now I think I’d rather be

A chicken than a turkey.

By King Gobbler, 1913

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