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C-130 News: ‘Nomads’ celebrate 29 years and 81,000 hours of mishap-free flying


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Since it’s inception in 1985, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) 62 has logged more than 81,000 mishap free flight hours. VR-62 was established at NAF Detroit in 1985 as a C-9 transport squadron.

In 1994, the squadron transitioned to the C-130T Hercules airframe, and changed its home base to become VR-62 “Mass Transit†at NAS South Weymouth, Mass.

When NAS South Weymouth closed in 1996, VR-62 moved again and became the “Nor’easters†based out of NAS Brunswick, Maine.

When Brunswick closed in 2008, VR-62 changed its name to “Nomads†and its home base to NAS Jacksonville.

In addition to celebrating 29 accident-free years, the Nomads set a record in FY-14 of 3,545.2 flight hours in the squadron’s five C-130T log books.

During those flight hours, the Nomads completed 196 missions and 352 airlifts while moving 3,184,177 pounds of high-priority cargo.

“This record year was the result of some very intense work from every department within the squadron. I am very proud of our selective reservists and full-time support personnel for these accomplishments – we have a lot to be proud of,†said VR-62 Commanding Officer Cmdr. Bryon Smith.

He went on to say, “We look forward to a very challenging FY-15 as well, but I know our Nomads will continue to support our history of excellence.â€

VR-62 is one of five Navy Reserve C-130T squadrons and is based at NAS Jacksonville.

View original article: http://jacksonville.com/military/jax-air-news/2014-12-10/story/nomads-celebrate-29-years-and-81000-hours-mishap-free-flying

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