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HC-130P 65-0986 High Res Print V1


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I have added a print of HC-130P 65-0986 c/n [cn]4141[/cn] to the Print Shop. As always, feedback is appreciated.


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The Illustrations

C-130 Hercules.net profiles are digitally created illustrations. They are not retouched photos nor do they contain elements or parts of photographs. Everything you see on the profile has been created from scratch, even graphics, emblems and logos. Separate logos and patches that appear around the profile may be supplied from third party sources. Each illustration starts with collection of references and many hours of research. From there, line work is created in Adobe Photoshop. Once the line work is as accurate as reasonably possible, color, shading, etc. are added. Each aircraft takes a minimum of 20 hours to complete, with the more complex models/variants taking upward of 100 hours.

The Prints

Our profile prints are printed on archive grade acid free paper using pigment based inks. The manufacturers claim a 100 year life for their products when properly cared for. We use MOAB Lasal Photo Matte paper which is made in the U.S.A. by Legion paper and is 235 gsm in weight (around three-times heavier than good quality copy paper or about the same as a business card). It has a beautiful matte finish that lends itself well to the subject matter. The prints are printed on a Canon professional 9000 Mark II printer using an 8 color dye based ink system. This combination of paper, printer and ink produces a very high quality archive and gallery grade acid-free print with brilliant, deep colors and an exceptionally long life span.

Commissions, Tribute Prints and Personalization

If there is a particular model, variant, tail number, etc. that you are looking for which is not currently offered, drop us a line with some details and we will get back to you regarding your exclusive print.


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