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Boots on the ground help.


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I got this in an e mail. Vet looking for help. Anyone now about this incident?



I'm writing you about a flight i was on 30 may 72. We was landing and a rocket blew up right in front of the windshield. Then when we was landing about five more rounds went off all around us still don't know how we didn't get hit but we made it thru the mess and i unloaded the trucks they took off again. I seen all this in a book and it gave me the time it was 0330 early morning but i didn't know that five rounds over shot us and went over in town and killed 12 civilians. If you heard of this can you please let me know the author  of the book i think he was a fac but he knew of the flight and i need to get all i can on this flight to prove i was boots in the country. I was exposed to the dioxin agent orange and had to retire early from my career job with the army corp of engineers.If you know any one that could prove this flight could you help me out . it's a shame that 12 was killed from this attack.I had the paragraph and the story but i thought it was in my downloads and it wasn't  and  i can't find it to copy it. Dale Snyder Thanks for any help i can get.


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Bob, there are a couple of threads that out line some levels of success in getting our records to indicate Boots on the Ground. I made my appeal to the Air Force and got the letter that pretty much answers all the VA questions.. I even filled my AO related claim using the same evidence I used for the AF and got the VA to acknowledge my BOG without the airforce letter. My claim was approved without ever using the confirmation letter from USAF. The key is to be very specific about your argument. I used Travel vouchers, APRs and photographs of me in various places some in Saigon at recognizable places. I included a letter from me in plain words about the exact number of combat missions and days TDY from CCK to SGN. Why I was TDY and what I did while there. Tell Dale to contact his VSO and they will help him get his records from STL. 

I don't know about the flight he mentioned as I was out of the USAF and a month into my job helping start another Aiforce called Federal Express.


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