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Air Evac from Duong Dong on Phu Quoc Island


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On Christmas Night in 1968 there was a night C-130 Medi Vac of Villagers in Duong Dong. Many killed and more severely wounded by Friendly Fire. I have a Vet friend that set the smudge pots for the night landing. He is writing a book about the events. They had been hit that afternoon by a VC attack. They fought it off by small arms fire and mortar rounds at the white smoke that the FAC plane had sent in. The VC had set up in the edge of the village with rockets and artillery. They fought off the attack and the VC retreated however it left many South Vietnamese severely wounded. The commander called for a C-130 to land Christmas night to evacuate the wounded to SGN. When the C130 approached the Island they lit the smudge pots. The only time a C-130 went in there at Night. They set up a perimeter around the plane and fired into the fields around the runway.

Do any of you recall a mission like this. The crew that flew this will never forget it I am sure. We would love to hear from the crew if anybody recalls this mission.  

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