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Robert Podboy

You get more out of a Lockheed Airlifter

The C-130 Hercules can carry 45,000 lbs. of oversized cargo.

The C-141 StarLifter can carry 72,000 lbs. of cargo across oceans.

The C-5A Galaxy can carry 200,000 lbs. of anything from Chinook helicopters to two M-60 tanks.

There are no airlifters like our airlifters.

At Lockheed-Georgia we have the only airlift production line in the U. S. There we build our airlifters to do what other planes can’t.

First look at the C-130 Hercules. It doesn’t need ground-handling equipment to load or unload from its rear doors at truck-bed height. A rear ramp can be lowered so completely assembled trucks and bulldozers can be driven right off to work.

The C-130 can land on 2,600 foot runways of sand, gravel and even snow. Or, airdrop if it has to.

This timeless machine is the toughest, most proven airlifter in the world. That’s one thing 43 nations agree on.


Then there’s the C-141 StarLifter. This strategic airlifter is a plane of many missions. Ranging from personnel and cargo airlift to heavy airdrop.

Five-ton trucks and other large vehicles can be driven on and off through its rear cargo doors. And palletized cargo has been unloaded in less then 10 minutes.

To give the C-141 even more capability, The U. S. Air Force is planning to stretch the fuselage and add in-flight refueling. A prototype – the YC-141B – has already proved this concept in operational flight tests completed last July.


And of course, the C-5A Galaxy. No other plane being developed or redesigned can match it, in capability or mission flexibility.

For one thing, the C-5A can carry cargo impossible for other planes. It’s also the only plane that can load or unload cargo simultaneously through two huge cargo openings, front and rear.

The landing gear kneels so the cargo floor is close to the ground. Then shoulder high ramps lower to permit vehicles to be driven on and off. As a result, the C-5A has been unloaded in only 30 minutes in actual operation.

The C-5A also saves precious time in the air. It can be refueled in flight. Airdrop when you can’t land. It can take off and land on unimproved runways as short as 3000 feet.

The C-5A is the most advanced airlifter in the world. And will be for years to come. It has even made a successful live-drop and launch of a Minuteman intercontinental missile.

The Lockheed Airlifters. They’re the backbone of the Military Airlift Command. They’re built by the company who knows more about building airlifters than anyone.


Lockheed-Georgia Company

Circle 26 on MGT. Info. Service card

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