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Robert Podboy


or airstrip


The giant workbird called the Hercules has proven itself equal to every airlifting task in all flying conditions. The cargo it paradrops might be troops and heavy equipment, or food and medical supplies for civilian disaster victims. The mighty Hercules also can land its heavy loads with ease on rough unprepared runways.  – Crude strips hastily carved from jungles – or it can settle down smoothly on short runways. At a weight of 55 tons, the Hercules has a ground roll at takeoff of 785 yards, and landing of 564 yards. Its truckbed height, rear loading door makes its unloading and reloading quick and easy. The Hercules, designed for medium and long rang operation, is now being manufactured at a high rate which makes it today’s most economical airlift transport. More than 500, in 18 different verities, are already in service.

Capable of performing peacetime work, as well as being indispensable for military airlift missions, the Hercules is a round-the-clock performer, which adds strengths to a nation’s transportation requirements.


Lockheed Georgia Company, Marietta Georgia, U.S.A.

A Division of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation

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