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Robert Podboy

How to get

over 100 passengers

into a small airport.


The Hercules Passenger Liner is the answer. It can land and take off from 4,000-foot runways.

But it keeps quiet about it. The Hercules Passenger Liner is noticeably quieter than jets such as the DC-9, 727 or 737. It easily conforms to all international noise-regulating requirements. That’s a comforting feature for people who live around airports – and for the airports as well.

That same quiet comfort is shared by passengers. Inside, the Hercules Passenger liner is noticeably quieter than the turbojets.

It’s also considerably wider inside. It’s 12 feet six inches wide at the floor. Compare that to the DC-9’s nine feet, four inches. Or the 727’s and 737’s 10 foot, eight inches.

Short runways, Quiet. Wide comfort. That’s the Hercules Passenger Liner. The model of Hercules on which this passenger liner is based is already in production; in fact, another version of the passenger liner is in service now with SFAIR. Thus production of the Hercules Passenger Liner can commence quickly as soon as sufficient orders are received.

For more information, contact Director of  International Sales.

Zone 1

Marietta, GA 30061

Lockheed Hercules

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