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Aero Precision provides OEM part support for military aircraft operators across more than 20 aircraft


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    Cut my teeth on C-130's out of Keesler 1968. Inertial Nav/Doppler troop AFSC 301X4. Stationed Nov 69 thru Oct 72 with 314/374th AMS, CCKAB Taiwan. PCS to 316th AMS, Langley AFB, VA (into the world of TAC rotations) Oct 72 thru Aug 74. Left the Herk for Big Fred's (C-5's) 436/512 AMS, Dover AFB, Delaware Sep 74 thru Jan 2007. Always an INS troop. The last 20 yrs an A.F. Engring Tech Services Rep (AFETS)
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    Dover, Delaware
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    Retired USAF Avionics AFETS rep (38 yrs)

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