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    Cut my teeth on C-130's out of Keesler 1968. Inertial Nav/Doppler troop AFSC 301X4. Stationed Nov 69 thru Oct 72 with 314/374th AMS, CCKAB Taiwan. PCS to 316th AMS, Langley AFB, VA (into the world of TAC rotations) Oct 72 thru Aug 74. Left the Herk for Big Fred's (C-5's) 436/512 AMS, Dover AFB, Delaware Sep 74 thru Jan 2007. Always an INS troop. The last 20 yrs an A.F. Engring Tech Services Rep (AFETS)
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    Dover, Delaware
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    Retired USAF Avionics AFETS rep (38 yrs)

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  1. I'll take a copy please. [email protected] Thanks for all your hard work...and I know it's been labor intense! rice
  2. 56 does represent the year. For the U.S. Air Force the #511 represents the 511th procured airframe (in general) of that year. There may not have been 511 C-130's that year. There could have been C-141's or KC's in that years production. An example; they built 50 C-5Bs. The first bird rolled out was 83-1285. Built 1983. 1285th numbered that year. Keep in mind the USAF was getting F-16s in quantity. Anyway, 83-1285 is the only C-5B produced in 83 thus only C-5 with that year number. In 1984 four more were produced. 84-0059, 84-0060, 84-0061, 840062. Then ten more in 85, 85-0001 (City of Dover) thru 85-0010. Then 86-0011 to 86-0025, to finally 87-0026 thru 87-0045.
  3. I seem to recall a "short-lived" dark blue, long sleeved, winter thread shirt designated 1550's aroound the early early 70s
  4. INS/Dopplertroop


    Now that I think of it. This all has the look of that film done by Mel Gibson depicting our early years in Vietnam. "We Were Soldiers" 2002
  5. INS/Dopplertroop


    Looks European to me. Not a U.S. Marine. No way.
  6. These guys are "Choice"! So now their plan is to cut up Credible Sport, replace it with 7868, and let 7868 deteriorate to hell. Why do they think it takes an AP cert to let an airframe ROT? Another case of the wrong guys in the wrong job. While I'm all for supporting the aircraft, I wouldn't give these guys a dime. They'd just mis-spend it.
  7. While I was never at Ubon, I had always heard the Thai (Generals) were very tight with their off-base businesses and keen to keep them disease free and hence..profitable. It also is the height of efficiency and very sensible. And Ken, I never doubt anything you say!
  8. NCU? I know NSU - Non Specific Urethritis
  9. INS/Dopplertroop


    I know the Fighter AFETS deployed to the war zones with their units. And I was an Air Mobility Command AFETS rep. We traveled frequently (CONUS and Overseas) to troubleshoot, train, develope tech data, etc. Pull up the Position Description document from USA Jobs. It will definitely indicate what the medical requirements are.
  10. While I retired in Jan 2007 after 38yrs with the Air Force, we've been in Dover since 1974. The Wing here has seen it's share of Hurricane hits and near misses. They are phenominal when it comes to clearing the flightline of 36 C-5s. Now C-5/C-17s. They usually disperse to the midwest. I can remember only a time or two when they had to tie down a cann queen and hope for the best. They practice mass mobility excercies consistently and had it down to a science. Looks like this one is petering out a bit. Down to a Cat 1 right now. Everything south of Lewes DE has been under mandatory evacuation. Ocean City is a ghost town too. I was in Tech School at Keesler in August 1968 when Hurricane Camille ran over us. Took us weeks to dig out of that.
  11. Very small world. I remember she started contractions late afternoon and I notified the hospital that we were coming, but she got a great case of nerves and just wanted to lay down. It was like six hours later that I finally got her to let me take her over. The doctor and staff had been waiting all that time and weren't too happy to say the least. Your wife may recall the little asian woman who was late to her baby's birthing.lol As we were driving off Langley our last day the first pair of factory fresh F-15s landed to begin the forming of the 1st TFW which would replaced the 316th TAW.
  12. Oct 72 thru Aug 74 316th Avionics Maint. Sqdn. Lived in an apartment on Warwick Blvd, Newport News just around the corner from Riverside Hospital and about two blocks and across the street from the Mariner's Museum and small (then) Christopher Newport College. Our second child, David, was born at Riverside. One big recollection was managing gas fillups. We were under semi rationing. License plates ending with even numbers could gas up one day and odd numbers gased the alternate day. Many times had a line at the pumps to wait in. A few times stations just had a cardboard sign out "No Gas".
  13. I recall the K's being cardboard in years past. They were almost semi-permanent and some writeups there could be in the forms until the next major depot overhaul.
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